Buff is a derivation of the Spanish word ‘bufanda’ meaning scarf but your Buff® is so much more. Buff® has become an absolute essential for so many outdoor and snow-sport enthusiasts, adventure racers, cyclists, runners, bikers …the list is as endless as its uses.

Buff® is the original (beware imitations!) and best multifunction headwear made by a proprietary knitting process on a specially developed tubular loom.  This makes your Buff® particularly comfortable and durable as it is seam free, breathable, moisture wicking and in some versions wind resistant.

You can wear a Buff® as a scarf, bandana, headband, hat, facemask or wristband. Buff® are great under helmets and even work as an emergency first aid sling.  Online you can browse through our great choice of Buff® but visit us in store to try our many seasonal colour and style variations not shown here.