When alpine climbing you must be totally self-sufficient and you need gear that is streamlined, lightweight and dependable. By collaborating with an elite team of designers and professional alpine climbers Patagonia have created the ideal kit for lightweight alpine-style climbing.

Patagonia High Alpine

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Patagonia Exclusive Snap T Collection

At Countryside Ski & Climb we always endeavour to bring you the best gear; we present to you the Patagonia High Alpine Kit. This exclusive collection, only available at select specialist outdoor retailers, is the culmination of years of experience, design and testing. Designed in conjunction with the best alpine climbers in the world the High Alpine Kit is an uncompromising, lightweight and functional collection made for the most unforgiving environments in the world. The High Alpine Kit has you covered for highly breathable midlayers, ultra-lightweight shells and one unbelievably warm belay parka.

When designing the High Alpine Kit Patagonia only had one goal: to design the best possible alpine-style climbing kit using the best technologies, fabrics and fits. This was achieved by designers working more closely with Patagonia ambassadors than has ever been done before. Numerous elite level athletes, such as Steve House and Anne Gilbert Chase, spent thousands of hours testing countless prototypes to perfect fit, feature set and product design. A unique feature of the High Alpine Kit is that the pieces were designed to form a kit and integrate perfectly with one another.  

For this new collection Patagonia have taken the much loved Nano Air midlayer and made it better. When designing the midlayer for the High Alpine Collection ambassadors wanted to base it on the tried and tested Nano-Air Hoody but make it better. The athletes and designers felt that the Nano-Air hoody could be streamlined further to reduce weight and that it was in fact too warm! With this in mind Patagonia have created the Nano-Air Light Hoody; minimal features, lightweight and stretch make this the perfect alpine midlayer. Alpine Climbing is typically a very high output activity and as such Patagonia have reduced the insulation by 33% (compared to regular Nano-Air) and in doing so increased breathability by a huge 75%. Patagonia have created the perfect high output midlayer.

Next on the agenda was the protective outerlayer of the High Alpine Kit, once again Patagonia chose to use a tried and tested design in the form of the M10 Jacket. The ambassadors had one complaint about this industry leading lightweight minimal jacket: it should be more lightweight and more minimal. Patagonia have done the seemingly impossible and created the M10™ Anorak; one chest pocket, half-zip design and incredibly functional adjustable hood make the ultimate minimal outerlayer for alpine climbing.

To top off any alpine climbing clothing system you need a good belay jacket, Patagonia have not just created a good belay jacket they have created the unbelievably light and unfeasibly warm Grade VII Down Parka. Patagonia have been making high end down belay parkas for almost thirty years and all this experience can be seen in the brand new Grade VII Down Parka. Designed from the ground up this parka has features and construction not found on any other down jacket on the market. It is incredibly weather resistant and hugely warm thanks to an innovative construction and fantastic shell fabric. The Grade VII Down Parka will keep you warm and cosy no matter what the weather throws at you.

The High Alpine Kit represents the passion and years of experience Patagonia possess for making the best outdoor gear. Patagonia do not design items to a price point they design product for a purpose. Lightweight, durable and having minimal impact on the environment the High Alpine Kit epitomises Patagonia’s design ethos.