An Insulation Revolution from Patagonia®. The Holy Grail of layering solutions is found in the Men’s and Women’s Nano-Air Hoody, Jacket and Vest. Read all about the Nano-Air exclusive fabric package. An incredible creation, which integrates the best qualities of fleece, soft shell and ‘puffy’ type jackets…

Patagonia Nano Air

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Put it on, leave it on – An Insulation Revolution from Patagonia®

Once in a while a brand comes up with a definitive product and you can’t help wondering why it didn’t happen sooner!  The Nano-Air Jacket, Hoody and Vest are just such a thing and having tested them in a wide variety of outdoor scenarios, at Countryside Ski & Climb we are impressed and can say that in 40 years of stocking the premium outdoor brands, this product is stand alone in the comfort solutions we all seek.  In a nutshell, the Nano-Air fabric is warm, stretchy and quiet and so breathable you'll spend less time messing with layers.

This last point – the messing with layers – is what it is all about.  Most women will be keen to appreciate this immediately and we’ve all had pre-trip packing dilemmas where we think we need everything ‘in case’.  We all know that during any high aerobic start-stop mission in the mountains sweat is our enemy.  Working hard on an uphill kicking steps or pushing hard on a great powder day, usually means when you stop you’ll be cooling down too quickly.  At the end of a long day when there is no shower in the alpine hut or bothy, you’ll be tired and you’ll feel uncomfortable and will struggle to reach a nice warm, relaxed body temperature.  It doesn’t have to be this way (There’s an 80’s song there somewhere).

The Nano-Air exclusive fabric is a stretchy and highly breathable package which integrates the best qualities of fleece, soft shell and ‘puffy’ type jackets and it works so well with the body that you can just put it on and leave it on for optimum warmth in all bar the strongest winds.  We could stop there but we thought you would like to know more about how it works.

The Nano-Air styles all feature 60g FullRange™ Insulation.  This is a polyester insulation that offers dynamic warmth because it stretches and breathes with you during any high-output.  That is to say the insulation itself is stretchy not just the fabric that contains it.  FullRange™ has a 4 way mechanical stretch so it requires minimal stitching for stabilization (ie to stop it from moving around and therefore not maintaining even levels of warmth and fit integrity.)  This is ideal for highly dynamic activities.

The incredible breathability of FullRange™ insulation (40 CFM) means you can go hard all day with zero ‘swamp factor’ and spend less time messing with layers.  The shell is 100% nylon ripstop with a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish and will protect you from light precipitation and all but the most blasting winds.  The nylon face is deceptively soft to hand which belies its performance credentials.  It will tolerate done-in-a-day pack use and works well as a pillow too. Its soft, supple feel also has full mechanical stretch which allows for a close, athletic fit over baselayers and an uninhibited range of motion.

Browse our range of men’s and women’s Nano-Air and don’t just take our word for it.  It really is a revolution that just works and takes the weight out of your pack too.