The GOAL ZERO brand offers what we at Countryside Ski & Climb believe to be the most innovative and reliable, full solar energy portable power products available in the UK.  Employing mono-crystalline technology means Goal Zero offers the recreational or expedition user the best in efficiency, lifespan, ruggedness and performance in variable light and temperature conditions.

We think Goal Zero will be the answer to all your on-the go power problems because they aren’t just a solar power ‘gadget’ company. Our range includes panels, power packs, lights, accessories and cords.  The products are easy to use, compact and they are all designed to work together if required and have been field tested from such extremes as the Congo to Everest.

Goal Zero make it their ‘goal’ to improve everyone’s outdoor experience and they continually strive to produce innovative solutions to power the needs of families, individuals and professionals wherever their adventure takes them.

Goal Zero