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The classic Patagonia Better Sweater just got better. The only part of the Patagonia Better Sweater that isn’t made from recycled materials? The zipper teeth. (They’re on it.) The rest just keeps getting better for the environment while the sweater remains as soft, warm and durable as it has ever been.

Recycling bottles to make fabric... kept 75 million plastic bottles from the landfill. Lined up, those bottles would stretch halfway around the planet.

Using 99% recycled materials.... kept 5 million lbs of CO2 out of the atmosphere. That’s like planting over 37,000 trees.

Using a new sweater pattern... saved 370,000 pounds of fabric. That’s enough fabric to make 280,000 new sweaters.

Patagonia also support the people who make these sweaters. Using Fair Trade Certified factories... impacted the lives of over 6,000 factory workers. That helps to support school fees and day care for their children.

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