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campers in sleeping bags

A good sleeping mat is as essential as a good sleeping bag and a night out without one will soon remind you of that. True, there are times when an uncomfortable night is just unavoidable, but when you’re not on an Alpine bivvy, waking up cold with a stiff back and bruised hips is best avoided! Mountain Equipment already has an enviable reputation for quality sleeping bags and this season we are excited to showcase their new range of very impressive sleeping mats.

The pinnacle of their range are their Aerostat Mats made sharing a construction method patented by Exped® but with insulation optimisation technology designed and developed in-house by Mountain Equipment. Aerostat Mats are amongst the warmest sleeping mats available. One is filled with POLARLOFT® insulation, the warmest synthetic insulation available for wet conditions; the other with DOWN CODEX® approved duck down for the greatest thermal resistance in dry conditions. Why not come and visit us at and find out exactly what we’re shouting about? Sorry, we’ll whisper so as not to wake you up!