Osprey has have been designing and building top-quality backpacks for over 33 years. They don't dabble in clothing, tents, sleeping bags or footwear but prefer to concentrate on what they do best - designing and building great packs. Over the years they've learnt a lot about what works on a pack and what doesn't, and the entire company is totally focused on the art of carrying things on your back.

Experience and specialisation counts.


Products coming soon

The Countryside Ski & Climb team are in the process of adding new products to our website every day. But in the true spirit of the outdoors adding products is very much like climbing a mountain, it's further than it looks, it's higher than it looks and it's harder than it looks.

We will be adding to each of the categories and brands on a regular basis but if there is something you specifically want in the mean time, please either visit our comprehensively stocked Stevenage Old Town store, telephone or send us an email with your query. We will endeavour to respond immediately.

The Countryside Ski & Climb team