Proper aftercare of your technical clothing, footwear and equipment is essential to maintain performance over their lifetime.  Storm products are specifically designed to meet the demands we expect from our gear while also minimising its environmental impact.  Storm cleaning and proofing products are simple to use as they just replace the normal detergent in your washing machine and by including the proofing product in the conditioner compartment the whole cleaning and proofing process is reduced to just one load and one cycle so you don’t have to spend the whole day preparing your kit for the weekend!

Countryside Ski & Climb is pleased to stock Storm products for cleaning, proofing, deodorising (and in some instances actually improving performance) of fabrics and footwear.  Storm are a UK company based in the Peak District National Park so they know a thing or two about the importance of staying dry and comfortable in the outdoors so have a look and see if you are missing anything for laundry day.