GSI Outdoors started in 1985, beginning with a few pieces of blue enamelware and a smattering of campfire accessories, GSI Outdoors continued to grow and expand into the design, manufacturing, sales and marketing of an ever growing and ever more innovative line of outdoor cookware, tableware and accessories. Today GSI Outdoors products are distributed worldwide as the company continues to expand their array of products known for superior quality, technical performance, innovative design and most of all, their fun-loving attitude towards the outdoor experience.

GSI OIutdoors take great pride in their ability to create new and exciting items from products which others believed could not be improved or which they believed were not worth the effort. GSI Outdoors know that this kind of authentic innovation can only come from one place, their customers. GSI Outdoors is a small, privately-held, family company with no obligation to an anonymous group of shareholders or corporate boards. It is this freedom which so epitomizes the outdoors and grants them the flexibility to be more responsive to the needs of their customers.