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man climbing mountain

At last BST has arrived. No, we don’t mean an alternative version of that pork based sandwich, we mean British Summer Time.  The evenings will be getting lighter and that means more opportunity to get outside! If the winter months mean ‘hibernation’ for you rather than ‘motivation', now is the perfect moment to start getting those legs back to full hiking, biking or climbing fitness so you can have more fun later.  We know it’ll take a bit of effort so why not consider upgrading and find yourself the very lightest of outdoor essentials? It’s hard enough to get yourself up hill and down dale let alone lugging the gear.  Patagonia have their lightest insulation yet this season with their Micro Puff, Osprey have load hauling multi-day packs coming in at a shade under 1kg and Mountain Equipment can impress you with their Impellor Jacket at only 170g! Visit us at to 'see the light!”