• Pack Sizing and Body Measurements

    Sizing your pack is fundamental to both comfort and the pack’s performance. The height and weight of a person does not always determine pack size, people of the same height often have different torso, hip and shoulder measurements. Always remember that there is no better way to fit a pack than with one of our store professionals so if convenient do not hesitate to pop in. However, if you are buying online please be sure to measure yourself carefully and do not hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page if you have any questions.

    Torso Sizing

    Osprey Packs come in a variety of sizes to fit a range of torso lengths. To determine your torso measurement ideally come into the store where our knowledgeable staff can measure you with an official Osprey Pack Sizer. Alternatively, get someone to measure the length of your back along the spine. Start at the top of your pelvis which is in line with the iliac crest and measure to the C7 vertebrae which is the most prominent bone at the base of your neck when you tilt your head down. To ensure accuracy be sure to keep your back straight while being measured  as this measurement will determine your pack size. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via our contact page.

    Hipbelt Sizing

    Osprey's Argon, Xenon, Aether, Ariel and Variant series packs offer interchangeable hipbelts. To determine your hipbelt size measure around your hips, at your iliac crest not your waist. A properly fitted hipbelt will sit centered on the pelvis and should be close fitting as it will be carry the majority of the pack's weight. The padded portion should wrap comfortably around your hips and when securely tightened should leave a gap of 3 to 6 inches between the ends of both hip pads. Please note when using packs for winter activities be sure to take into account the added bulk from cold weather clothing.

    Harness Sizing

    Osprey's Argon, Xenon, Aether, Ariel and Kestrel packs offer interchangeable shoulder harnesses. Harness sizing usually corresponds to pack size, however, ideally it is best to try one on. A correctly fitting harness should terminate 5 to 8 cm beneath the armpit and webbing should not touch the side of your body below the padding. The padding on the harness should make full contact with the top of your shoulder and slightly down the back side. Please note when using packs for winter activities be sure to take into account the added bulk from cold weather clothing.


    Fitting and Wearing the Pack

    Once you have the correct size pack, harness and hipbelt it's time to correctly put it on and fine tune the fit. Put some weight in the pack (20 to 30 pounds of well distributed weight will do) and follow the steps below to optimise comfort and performance. In a good fit, there should be no pressure points and also no gaps between your body and the pack. 

    Step 1- Hipbelt

    Ensure that all the pack’s compression straps are tightened and equally make sure that the shoulder harness, sternum straps, load lifter straps and hipbelt are loosened. We recommend you loosen these straps every time you take your pack off. Buckle up and tighten down the hipbelt with it centered over the pelvis to ensure a close fit. The padded portion should wrap comfortably around the front of your hips.

    Osprey ErgoPull- Nearly all of Osprey's hipbelts use their exclusive ErgoPull design. It creates mechanical advantage to provide extra leverage in fastening the hipbelt. The ErgoPull design draws tension along the top and bottom of the belt rather than through the center which distributes pressure more evenly over the padding and relieves direct pressure on the pelvis.

    Custom Molding- Osprey's BioForm CM™ A/X hipbelts found on the Argon & Xenon and IsoFormCM™ hipbelts on the Aether & Ariel are heat moldable for a Custom Fit. Please note: Our CM certified fitters will be able to heat mold your new hipbelt in our Osprey CM ovens in store. If you purchase your pack on our website, if it is convenient please pop into the store so the hipbelt can be molded for you free of charge.

    Step 2- Shoulder Harness

    Tighten the Shoulder Harness by pulling the ends of the shoulder straps. When tightening these straps, be sure to pull down and behind you. Your hands should be pointing towards the back pockets of your pants (trousers) as you pull. This will bring your pack closer to the body and will carry a smaller portion of the weight. Your shoulder straps should completely wrap around your shoulders leaving no gap between your shoulder blades and the shoulder harness. The point of connection between your shoulder harness and the pack should begin about 5 cm below the top of your shoulders. For packs with an adjustable torso harness break the hook and loop connection position the harness correctly first.

    Step 3- Sternum Strap

    Buckle the sternum strap and comfortably adjust the position to about 5 cm below your collarbone and lightly tighten it. This pulls the shoulder straps sufficiently away from your armpit and centres them over your shoulders. Do not over tighten to the extent that it hinders your breathing.

    Step 4- Load lifter Strap

    Tighten the load lifter straps so the load is completely against your back taking pressure off of the shoulder straps. The lift straps should come off your shoulders at a 45 to 60 degree angle in our larger volume packs that carry a greater weight. In smaller models these straps are more for compression purposes and should sit flatter; they may even angle downwards. If a gap develops between the shoulder harness and your shoulders tighten the lower shoulder straps further before adjusting the load lifters.

    Step 5- Time to Start the Adventure

    Enjoy all of the amazing times that you will experience with your Osprey pack, but remember sometimes both you and the pack will need a break. Make sure you follow these steps when you are fitting your pack each time and make appropriate adjustments during long days.

     Men's Size Guide
    Torso Length
    Style   XS S M L XL
    Xenith Inches     18-21 20-23 22-25
    Cm     46-53 51-58 56-63
    Aether Inches   16-19 18-21 20-23 22-25
    Cm   41-48 46-53 51-58 56-63
    Atmos, Stratos Inches   16-19 18-21 20-23  
    Cm   41-48 46-53 51-58  
    Waypoint Inches     18-21 20-23  
    Cm     46-53 51-58  
    Kestrel Inches   16-20 19-23    
    Cm   41-51 48-58    
    Manta Inches   16-19 18-21    
    Cm   41-48 46-53    
    Raptor, Viper Inches   OS 17-21      
    Cm   OS 43-53      


     Women's Size Guide
    Torso Length
    Style   XS S M L
    Ariel Inches 14-17 16-19 18-21 20-23
    Cm 36-43 41-48 46-53 51-58
    Xena Inches 14-17 16-19 18-21  
    Cm 36-43 41-48 46-53  
    Aura, Sirrus Inches   16-19 18-21 20-23
    Cm   41-48 46-53 51-58
    Waypoint Inches   16-19 18-21  
    Cm   41-48 46-53  
    Kyte Inches   13-17 16-20  
    Cm   33-43 41-51  
    Mira Inches     OS 15-18  
    Cm     OS 38-46  
    Raven, Verve Inches     OS 14-18  
    Cm     OS 36-46  


     Unisex Size Guide
    Torso Length
    Style   XS S M L
    Exos, Variant, Mutant Inches   16-19 18-21 20-23
    Cm   41-48 46-53 51-58
    Talon, Kode, Farpoint Inches     15-19 18-22
    Cm     38-48 46-56
    Syncro Inches     16-19 18-21
    Cm     41-48 46-53
    Reverb Inches     17-21  
    Cm     43-53  

    Kestrel, Talon: Torso adjustable harness (fixed harness on Talon 11) & Fixed hipbelt

    Karve: Fixed harness & hipbelt

    Farpoint Series: Fixed harness & hipblet

     Unisex Size Guide
    Torso Length
    Style   XS S M L
    Poco Child Carrier Inches     OS 15.5-21.5  
    Cm     39.5 - 54.5  
    Ace Inches     OS 14-20  
    Cm     OS 36-51